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Advance warning, there's a fair amount of TMI behind this cut. Hopefully Laine heeded my warning ...

How old were you when you discovered the joys of masturbation?

Are we talking the first time I recall touching myself or the first time I, shall we say, got it right? If the latter, I was nine.

How old were you when you first did anything sexual with another person?

Depends on how you define 'sexual', but I would say ... thirteen

How many sexual partners have you had?

Fewer than you might think, given people's stereotypical image of rock musicians. I haven't actually counted though.

Have you ever had unprotected sex? Why?

Yes I have, with a few partners I've trusted.

What term to you prefer to use when saying you had sex? (Got laid, fucked, made love, etc.) Is there a difference in your mind between such terms?

I use made love if that's the depth of feeling shared between me and the other person. Went to bed with and had sex with are my two other preferred phrases. Got laid, fucked and other earthier terms I use infrequently.

Have you ever used common household objects for sexual purposes?

Heh. Let's bear in mind that what's common in one household may not be common in another ... but yes.

Do you own sex toys?

I do.

She-male porn! Yes or no?

I've seen some. It doesn't do anything in particular for me, but I've no objection to others enjoying it.

Your current partner has had way more sexual partners than you. How do you react?

With equanimity. It's not a competition after all. And of course Peter brought up the excellent point of making sure no one's posing any health risks to anyone else.

You have had way more sexual partners than your current partner. How do you react?

I'd be open, honest and reassuring. If needed and wanted, I'm more than willing to be the teacher.

Would you have sex with a person who you hated if you were extremely physically attracted to them?

Absolutely not.

Would you have sex with someone you cared deeply for, but had no physical attraction to?

I have. Not recently though.

Would you dump someone for refusing to give you head?

It seems silly to me to treat oral sex as the absolute be-all and end-all when there are so many other equally enjoyable possibilities. In a word, no.

Do YOU ever refuse to give head?

I have. Not very often, though. I'll confess I like the control.

Spit or swallow?

I've done both.

What have you had up your butt for sexual reasons?

Cocks, fingers, tongues, strap-ons, vibrators, plugs ... aaaaand an occasional common (and carefully cleaned and lubed) household object.

Would you ever consider fisting?

Receiving, I'm not particularly interested. Giving I have done, though not often.

Have you ever sneezed during a sex act?

Hmm. I did once discover a sensitivity to a certain perfume during foreplay. Does that count?


No, although certain acts have caused similar noises.

Do you prefer to face your partner during intercourse, or away?

I do like to see my partner's face, either first hand or reflected. That's not a hard-and-fast rule though.

Do you have a favourite position? If so, what?

That usually depends on what works best with my partner. And with certain partners, virtually every position is wonderful.

Where indoors do you prefer to have sex? (Bed, floor, shower, etc.)


Do you enjoy having sex outdoors?

Most definitely. As others have noted though, it's best to have something between your tender bits and nature's grittier parts, be it a blanket or whatever.

Have you used sex toys (vibrators, dildos, etc) with a partner? If not, how do you feel about doing so?

Oh yes.

Would you ever take erotic photos of yourself or make sex tapes?

Sex tapes, no. As for photos, I've never taken them of myself, but I have been photographed in the nude before.

Do you enjoy being watched while having intercourse/masturbating?

That is ... very situational. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Would you enjoy watching your partner Masturbate? Have sex with someone else?

Masturbate, definitely. As for sex, it would depend on the kind of relationship we were in.

How important is your sexual identity (gay, bi, straight) to your sense of self?

Quite important. I've been in fistfights and family arguments over it. I've lost lovers over it.

If you woke up in bed, naked, with a member of the sex you don't normally fuck, how would you react?

Ah ... doesn't exactly apply to me. Greedy bi boy, remember? ;)

If your partner admitted, while extremely drunk, to a fetish you find distasteful, what would you do?

Ignore it. If he or she brought it up while sober, I'd hope we could have an adult discussion of the matter.

Have you ever dressed in costume as part of sex?

Um. Yes.

Have you ever tried any form of bondage?

I have tried several forms of bondage.

Do you enjoy pain during sex? Yours or your partner's?

Sometimes yes, but generally nothing more severe than a skin-reddening spanking. Giving or receiving.

If you partner told you he/she desired a threesome, how would you react?

Again that would depend on the kind of relationship we were in, and also on which person (if known) my partner wanted to be the third. I wouldn't get angry or dismiss the matter out of hand, regardless.

Would you ever try swinging?

Swinging in the context of marriage, probably not. Swinging in more open relationships, I have done.

What is the maximum number of people you would sleep with at one time?

Right, this one needs some clarification. Are we talking about the maximum number of people I myself would be directly engaged in pleasuring and being pleasured by at a given time? Because for me that tops out at three, for all intents and purposes. If you're talking about the maximum number of people in the room and generally participating, that's a different matter.

Have you ever toyed with the idea of double penetration?

I have done more than toy with it.

If one partner cuts off all sexual contact, is it acceptable for the deprived partner to cheat?

If the relationship is committed enough that it would in fact be considered cheating ... no. The deprived partner can bring up their needs for discussion, but ultimately it comes down to stay, go or both partners decide to change the rules.

What's a sexual deal-breaker for you? The one thing you will NOT do for anybody?

I can only have one? Put most simply, anything involving former food, former people, animals, children, and anything non-consensual are no-go areas for me.

Say you have a kid. What sort of attitude towards sex would you want them to grow up to have?

An attitude free of ignorance, fear and disgust. And I would want any child of mine to know that he or she can ask me questions without fear of being judged in any way.

Done and done. Any questions?
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