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Birthdate:Mar 26
The Muse
Name: Ruairí or Rory MacEibhir, but often goes by his stage name, Rory Stone
Race: Púca fey with some human blood
Age: 113, though he looks ... considerably younger
Height: 6'3", Hair and Eyes: Dark brown
The Biography
The storm is above me ...

... but I'm chasing the sun.

The second of the four children born to Ruairí MacEibhir ([info]sonofgranite) and his deceased wife Máire NiStandún MacEibhir, Rory is a púca, an Irish faerie who can turn into a horse. Only a very few know of his background. In fact Rory has been living something of a double-double life: His family (with the exception of his sister Cait), has only recently learned that he's been spending evenings as the lead singer and guitarist of Breaker Street, a band he formed several years ago. His bandmates, on the other hand, have no idea that Rory is anything other than human. And no one, including Rory himself, has more than a vague idea of how his fey blood has been impacting his club performances, not to mention how the audiences have impacted him. Rory has been walking a line that will only grow narrower now that the band has a chance at the big time, and falling off could have disastrous consequences for himself, his family, his band, and a very special someone ...
The Disclaimer
This journal is for writing and roleplaying purposes only. I do not in any way claim to be an Irish horse fey, and neither Rory nor I make any claims to be James D'Arcy, whose image we've borrowed just a tiny bit because dangit, he looks otherworldly and gorgeous. Rory comes from the novel The Grey Horse, by R.A. MacAvoy, though I have elaborated considerably on his rather minute appearance in that book. No profit is being made and no disrespect nor harm is intended. His siblings can be found at [info]thehorseman, [info]gifted_hands and [info]a_chaitlin. Rory's band, Breaker Street, has both it's own journal ([info]breaker_street) and a "fan site" over at [info]breakerstreet.

And Ruairí MacEibhir is pronounced Rory MacEever, just to keep things clear. ;)
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