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Over in biggest brother Anraí's journal, you will find a series of drabbles commemorating a very special moment for the MacEibhir family. Enjoy!
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“How the hell did they score this spot? What's their name again?”

The sounds of stage setup and an impatient/curious Times Square crowd surrounded Rory Stone, but Sam Champion had a trained broadcaster's voice and the púca had supernaturally keen hearing. Though spoken quietly, the Good Morning America weatherman's words carried clearly to Rory's ears, pulling his attention from preparations for his band's first nationally televised performance.

They're called Breaker Street ... )

Muse: Rory MacEibhir / Rory Stone
Fandom: The Grey Horse by R.A. MacAvoy
Word count: 1654
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What is your relationship and history with music?

The realization has only just now hit me fully. I'm sitting with the culmination of my relationship with music in my hands.

Breaker Street's debut CD.

After delays, debates and massive amounts of hard work, I am finally holding one of the first pressings. The full release hits stores next week. Our videos are ready to debut, we have radio and magazine interviews set up, plus a live spot in Times Square for Good Morning America. You have to give Robbie Fellowes credit, he and his PR team know how to get exposure for his new acts. He's been dropping our name like mad for months.

But the whole thing didn't feel real to me until now. )

Muse: Rory MacEibhir / Rory Stone
Fandom: The Grey Horse by R.A. MacAvoy
Word count: 560
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I'm going with Rory Stone on this prompt, because he's got the best-developed set of NPCs in the form of his band, Breaker Street.

1. Who are the NPCs / supporting cast members in your character's life? (if you don't have any, feel free to invent some now!)

Junie Cabriano: second guitar, occasionally plays an electric cello.
Nelson "Nil" Cameron: Bass guitarist.
Marcus Kreske: Drums.
Sascha Brockmann: Keyboards.
Dave Rackley: Keyboards and backup percussionist.
Morrie Dubrowsky: Was the sound tech for their club gigs, is now trying to find his place among the technicians and producers at Serptichore Records, the company that signed the band.

He has a few others as well. Vince Gereghty, the man who's working on the studio production of Breaker Street's debut CD, is a character on loan to me from [livejournal.com profile] serptichore's mun, so I can't do anything too outrageous with him without prior approval. Ben Wentworth is a past lover of Rory's who's had a mention or two in prompts and RP and decided to speak up with some background stories just in the past couple of days. He could conceivably show up in the present day. Others will no doubt crop up as Rory's tale progresses.

More questions behind the cut )

Bonus points: Write a ficlet about one of your characters as told from the POV of one of their NPCs/supporting cast members.

This one flashes forward some months, to when Breaker Street are weeks into their first tour as the opening act for Sweet Christmas, one of Serptichore's headliner groups.

Back here! Clicky! )
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All right, first off, I did not make these. They just showed up on my hard drive last week. Personally I suspect one of my dearly beloved band mates, as they are among the few who could get hold of both the base pictures and my laptop. Though I suppose Cait's another possibility. Care to confirm or deny, sister mine?

Yes, there are more back here ... )

So there you have it. Proof positive that someone who knows me has entirely too much time on their hands.


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